About Us

The Bridge of Georgia is a place focused on developing the abilities of children of all ages and ability levels, a place where all children are welcome and can succeed.  At The Bridge, we pay careful attention to the learning style of each child, building the areas in which they are strong, while strengthening the areas in which they have difficulty. It is a place where class sizes are small and children have the opportunity to shine.

Research shows us that all children benefit when children with special needs and typical children learn alongside each other.  We are committed to having the supports in place so that each child can succeed.  We believe that appropriate social skills are a building block to success and that these skills deserve attention each day.

At The Bridge of Georgia we are teaching children the skills they need to be adults who have a meaningful place in their communities.  Because of this, we strive to develop the whole child and help them be the best they can be both now and in the future.

Our Executive Team