A Message from the Head of School

It is hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end and we are eagerly planning for summer and the school year before us.  Each year becomes more and more exciting as we grow and gain new folks in our Bridge family.  

The purpose of the Academy is to provide optimal learning at every level in an environment which fosters community among students at all ability levels.  Our purpose is to teach in the way that our students learn so they may reach their highest possible level of success.

We have a highly-qualified, trained, and dedicated staff who desire to challenge their students to explore learning in a safe and nurturing environment. We believe optimum learning occurs by being actively involved with new knowledge and having the opportunity to explore and construct and engage daily in the learning process.  A knowledge base is important, but students also need to use and experience that knowledge in a multitude of ways.

Our vision is that our students will see the very best in one another as they learn and grow.  We desire for that acceptance to carry over into the communities in which our students will ultimately become a meaningful part. 

The Bridge was born out of a belief that every child was created with a purpose and a plan for their lives and The Academy at The Bridge operates under that steadfast belief.  We seek to build the strengths of students while developing their areas of challenge so that they have the very best opportunity for success.  

Beginning with the end in mind keeps our focus ever in the future of our students and allows us to keep the very most important things in front of us as we develop your child's specific plan for learning.  

We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve your family at The Bridge of Georgia. 

Please give us a call!  

- Blessings