Personalized Social Stories



Children with autism and other processing challenges often need help understanding what is going to happen to them in a new or complicated situation.  Social Stories can be a powerful teaching tool, making new experiences more predictable and a little less overwhelming.

A good example is this story about grandparents visiting:


“Johnny loves his room.  In his room he has everything he likes to play with each day.  He has a desk that is perfect for doing his homework.  He has a quiet corner with a beanbag chair.  It is always quiet in his quiet corner unless Johnny chooses to make noise.  Johnny usually knows everything that will happen in his room.  He likes to put his things in a certain place and likes to plan what will happen in his room.  Next week, Grandma and Grandpa will be coming to visit.  They will have to sleep in Johnny’s room for two nights.  They will bring their things and put them in Johnny’s room.  Grandma may set her purse on the dresser.   Grandpa may put his hat on the back of Johnny’s chair.  For two days, Johnny will do his homework in a different place.  He will sleep in his brother’s room.  Grandma and Grandpa will sleep in Johnny’s bed.  They will do things differently than Johnny had planned.  It will feel a little strange for Johnny to have someone else staying in his room, even people he loves very much.  He can know that after just two days, Grandma and Grandpa will get back on a plane and go home.  Mom will help Johnny make his room like it was before.  They will wash the sheets and make the bed.  They will set everything back in its place.  Johnny can remember the fun that he had with Grandma and Grandpa.  He can be glad that he let them stay in his room so that they could come and visit.  He can be glad to share his room and to have it back and next time sharing his room will feel just a little bit easier.”


If you are looking for a source for social stories for your child, you have come to the right place.  With a little bit of information and a few pictures, our social stories writer will create a story with your child as the main character.  If you are interested in having a social story written for your child, please fill out the following information:


Cost: $15.00 for a .pdf email to you or $25.00 for a laminated copy by mail.